about us

¡Welcome to NOA TRADE!

Here at NOA trade we believe in making the world a better place, one product at a time. That is why we bring to you artisanal products from all over Latin America that have been handcrafted by the women of indigenous communities from all over the region, as well as natural products that embrace the beauty of nature around us in order to create amazing personal care items that are good for your health.

Dedicated to making a difference in this world, NOA trade makes a point of only collaborating with business that are built on fair trade. That way we can assure each and every one of our costumers, that what they are wearing was ethically made and does no harm to society or yourself. We are committed in helping you explore and learn about Latin America’s vast natural resources and culture, and we believe that our products is the way we can do that best.

Welcome to the journey!

Noa Trade Team