Our Team

Our team is leaded by three experienced and committed professionals with diverse backgrounds, who share a passion for sustainability.  It is our goal to help your business grow by doing what we know best in a conscious way, and in the process, contribute to make the world a better place.


Esteban Aristizábal

“Art Collector & Globetrotter”

Co-founder and CEO. Experience in International Trade, Logistics and Management for more than 18 years. Responsible for strategizing brands, supporting sales, and determining financial support.



Elisa Gutierrez 

“Yogi & Animal Lover”

Co-founder. Business Administrator with experience in market analysis and operations. Responsible for logistics, export processes and regulatory compliance.  



Sofía Restrepo

“All I wish for is a better world where we all work together”

Co-founder. Fashion and Digital Marketing Consultant. Responsible for brand portfolios, design support and mass communication through social media.