Chila Bags was created in 2013 after a trip to La Guajira, northern Colombia. While driving towards El Cabo de la Vela, a paradise-like place; the founder fell in love not only with the place,but also with the beautiful bags, which are hand-made by the women of the Wayuu tribe. She decided more people deserve to see and wear these colorful, cultural accessories.

These bags are made as part of the Wayuu women's culture and traditions; the skills are passed down from generation to generation. Because every design and color configuration is unique, each bag takes from 10 to 15 days to be made.

Chila Bags took on a joint venture with the Wayuu women who craft each bag by hand. Through respect,  fair pay, and good working conditions, these women are empowered to sustain their villages’ economy, and make a difference by crafting unique pieces. Each bag is a labor of love.

Chila Bags' colorful patterns and long straps make them perfect for all seasons; for your travels around the world, for a day at the beach, a road trip with a friend, a BBQ just down the block, a picnic or any other summer event. It’s an ultimate all-season basic.

As they have become so popular, more and more chicsters are taking them to new destinations—they are regulars on beaches everywhere from Southampton to St.-Tropez.

Giving back has never looked so CHIC!