Two amazing Colombian sisters, passionate for fashion, design and jewelry founded Pajaro Limon back in 2009. They were inspired by nature, geometry, culture, and their own experiences to create beautiful and timeless pieces. Through their pieces they want to empower women; allow each one to create their own style, be authentic, natural, and versatile.

Each piece from this brand is crafted by an artisan from Medellin, Colombia; an artisan who pays attention to every detail in order to guarantee excellent quality and design standards. Some artisans work in the company's office in Medellin, while a few others have their own workshop, which they created with the help of these two sisters.

Besides their passion for design and pieces full of cultural heritage, they seek to maintain artisanal methods of work alive, not only by working hand in hand with the artisans and helping them have their own workshops, but also by paying fairly for their knowledge and craftsmanship.