Being introduced to the Wayuu tribe, and getting to know its diverse, rich, and colorful culture, as well as its weaving tradition, makes people fall in love with their artisanal products and craftsmanship. When the founder of Wayuu Hammocks met this amazing tribe, she forged a relationship with indigenous artisans, and started producing handcrafted hammocks. Later, they expanded to other regions of Colombia, working with different indigenous communities. Each piece represents love and passion, crafted by the hands of artists who tightly lay each strand of yarn next to the other, until it becomes a masterpiece.

Wayuu Hammocks helps preserve traditional techniques in a world of mass-factory produced items, they work with indigenous women around Colombia in the design and creation of meaningful pieces with contemporary design. Each hammock  provides an unforgettable buying experience and tells a story about decades of weaving tradition.

Contributing to the livelihood and sustainability of the communities is one of the most important aspects of Wayuu Hammocks; artisans are provided with opportunities to create, produce, and provide a sustainable socio-economic environment to support their families.

Do good and feel good. Lay in a wayuu hammock, and feel the energy and passion that radiates from its fibers.