MÂKUA is a Colombian jewelry brand that crafts its creations by combining ancestral artisanal techniques from indigenous communities, with contemporary artistry. The brand has launched collections with indigenous women of the Kuna ethnicity, who work with molas (textiles made through ancestrally applied embroidery techniques), as well as with Embera Chami indigenous women, who master crystal beads embroidery. Each artisanal piece made by these communities possesses a legacy.     

The origin of molas was born from the tradition of the Kuna indigenous people of tattooing their bodies, which was later modified and transferred onto fabric designs. The Kunas believe that people, plants and animals are interconnected through paths, which are represented in the fabrics’ complex labyrinths.

Through fair trade policies and corporate social responsability, MÂKUA’s wishes to preserve the cultural legacy and centennial heritage from these indigenuos communities, which has been fading over time. The goal is to create unique jewels, highlighted with ancestral artisanal pieces that tell a story. The history of a country and a culture, techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Timeless pieces that become treasures to those who acquire them. Jewels which have contemporary design, and can be worn by contemporary women.

MÂKUA wants women to feel unique, and know that they are carrying a piece of the colombian culture, a piece full of history and a lot of style, carefully made by an artisan, specially for her!