Inspired in the Colombian tropical flora and fauna, as well as in the country’s rich ethnic variety, NAJASH presents products of unique design, that revive the centuries-old handicrafts and traditional graphic language of two Colombian indigenous cultures: the EMBERI CHAMI and the WAYUU. They merge tradition, magic and art from these two cultures, by converting them into unique and exclusive handmade pieces.

The results are designs full of vibrant life, mirrors of the South American tropical landscapes and their natural beauty. The pieces combine the sensuality of vivid colours and exotic animals from their forests and countrysides.


Each NAJASH product is handmade by artisans, men and women who represent ethnic groups in Colombia, capturing the best of their cultural identity and graphic language. Najash aims to contribute to the social and cultural development of these communities, by ensuring fair practices in the development of each piece.

Each unique handicraft is designed to show the traditional elements of the Colombian indigenous ethnicity, with a special contemporanean touch of luxury for each model. NAJASH represents the identity and authenticity of its origins. Each exclusive model has the magic feeling of their pure essence. Fall in love with their history.