Mistura is a brand that believes in the beauty of unusual materials, unexpected combinations, and exploration to make each piece completely unique. From the selection and drying of the wood, to the careful packaging of the finished product delivered to each user, the manual process is impeccable; with the precision required by the best watchmaker.

The elements used to create the timepieces include renewable wood obtained through responsible and sustainable management, stone, and textiles. By combining different materials, colors and textures, they achieve new and surprising results every time. This allows them to offer a variety of styles and designs to satisfy the different personal tastes; from geometric simplicity to finer and more elaborate details.

Each piece is cut, polished and assembled by hand by expert artisans, and finally protected with natural oils and high quality fittings for a long lifespan.

The protection of the environment is a crucial aspect of the brand, which is why they only use sustainably sourced renewable materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

Working hand in hand with Contreebute, a sustainability agency in Colombia, Mistura supports the reforestation of woodlands in South America and helps vulnerable communities by:

• Supporting the planting of 2500 trees to this day. We work to increase the value and extend     the life of our planet.
• Generating employment for local communities.
• Improving water supply and quality of life.

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