Manik is a word that in Mayan astrology means "essence of the wonderful creation reached through knowledge" and represents healing, friendship and generosity. Manik was created in 2014 as a brand that wants to help people believe in dreams and work towards achieving them. Dream catchers are objects long ago created to preserve the good dreams of people.

Manik supports 54 girls who live in Medellin, Colombia. They used to be homeless and now belong to a foundation. These girls are involved in the manufacturing process of the dream catchers. Through this process, they have strengthened their feminine and creative side and have gained strength, skills and self-confidence. Through the trust placed in them, they feel valued, part of a family and have built the confidence necessary to chase their own dreams.

Aware of the need to access our roots and ancestors, Manik also works with a group of women from the Wayuu community in Guajira, Colombia. They infuse the Origin line dream catchers with a connection to nature and ancient wisdom. With this work, they contribute to preserve the craftsman tradition of the region and support passionate and creative women.