Fe Handbags is a high-end Colombian handbags and accessories brand with a special invitation; they want us to discover the colors, textures, feelings and legends that are embraced in handmade products and artisanal techniques that have been passed from generation to generation, with as much love and craftsmanship as one can imagine.

Their products are extremely unique; ancestral pieces of art that represent cultures, lands, and history. Each product is handmade by Colombian artisans, with 100% real leather, and includes traditional art patterns from different indigenous communities.

Fe works with a very strong social purpose, employing homeless indigenous women in Medellin, Colombia, and working hand in hand with each of them. Every product incorporates the artisan´s tribal patterns. This is a small action that makes a big difference. Most of these indigenous women left their homes to find better opportunities for themselves and their families. By working with Fe handbags, they get to have stable jobs, give their families a chance for a better future, while maintaining their culture and identity. The Sustainability Brand Policy has a special emphasis on women's rights and fair trade practices with the tribes, which are typically neglected and disadvantaged.