The Enkanto Natural Nail Polish line was created with a purpose: to unite the passion for nature and respect for the environment.  

Enkanto's philosophy is Natural Beauty; free of toxic elements and chemicals, to ensure environmentally responsible and cruelty free practices.

Conventional nail polishes contain components that have been classified as carcinogens and hormone disruptors, and are currently banned in several countries by the World Health Organization. These are especially dangerous for children, adolescents and pregnant woman, but they can affect all people equally.

We must love and protect our bodies, so it is important to be aware of the active components of the products we use on a daily basis. Enkanto’s innovative Formula helps strengthen nails as it contains Calcium, Biotin and Keratin. It is vegan, 10-Free (free of 10 toxic components), and never tested on animals. It is ideal for people who are allergic to common nail polishes, as they do not contain irritants that can cause negative effects on the skin. It is also safe for girls, as it is free of toxic components that can be detrimental to their health.

Our Enkanto Natural brand is inspired in the unique woman who prefers to establish her own tendencies instead of following them. In women who choose to use products that truly make a difference. In women with a strong soul, who want a better world.