The original idea of EMZAC natural was to create excellent personal care products formulated almost exclusively with vegetal ingredients. After months spent perfecting the initial formula, success was achieved and the first line of shampoos was created.  Four formulas dedicated to four types of hair, each being highly biodegradable, healthy as hell, and incredibly effective from the very first day of use. How did they manage it? By using only high quality vegetal ingredients and essential oils, carefully selected for their natural superpowers, combined with vegetal cleansing bases made out of coconut oil. This is why EMZAC natural can boast about being both super soft for your hair, as well as environmentally friendly.

EMZAC is a word from the Muisca language, culture from the Andean region of Cundinamarca, Colombia. It means “Together” and thus translates the commitment to create a product with a positive impact, both from a social, as well as an environmental perspective. Hence, all the actives and essential oils are proudly made in Colombia, where the craftsmen make sure that production doesn’t have any sort of negative impact on the environment, and as a positive impact on the native communities.

Naming the brand EMZAC reiterates the importance of the environmental and social impact generated by the products. This is why 5% of the profits are dedicated to educational causes in Colombia. Education is the most efficient way to give back to less fortunate communities, teaching them to create an honest and sustainable living, while protecting our planet, and the people who live on it.