Every woman should be aware of the cosmetics she uses daily. Being healthy and conscious is not only about what we eat; it is about what we use on our bodies, and about every aspect of our lives. Waya believes in natural beauty, it believes in the healing power of plants, herbs, and flowers.

The word waya means ”us” in the wayuu language. The name represents the belief that great things happen when women come together and empower each other. They believe that beauty and health go hand in hand, which is why Waya only uses natural ingredients in their formulas; committing to avoid any ingredient that may be harmful to people, or to the environment.

Their product line is FREE from:

  • Petroleum derivatives

  • Silicones

  • PEGs

  • Ethoxylates

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Parabens

  • Formaldehydes

  • BHT

  • TEA

  • Fragances

  • Synthetic dyes

These ingredients are commonly used by non-natural cosmetic companies, and they have been proved to be harmful or toxic by scientific studies. The list of harmful ingredients is long, but Waya does the searching job for you. You can be sure that every component in their formulas is safe for your skin, and for the planet. All of their products are also Cruelty Free, and apt for vegans.

Waya Naturals dedicates 5% of their profits to contribute to the primary education of girls with few economic and educational resources, because education constitutes their mean to access better opportunities, and prepare themselves for their future. Within their community, women are the most vulnerable population, and Waya believes that investing in them is investing in a better tomorrow.